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Individual letter prints are now available! Any of the letters of the alphabet are available for you to monogram your walls or give a personalized gift for a child or art lover in your life.


Thursday, April 20th

On Thursday, 4/20, I will be live drawing at the California Academy of Sciences evening 21+ Nightlife event. I will be drawing live by request! Each individual or group who sits with me provides a prompt. Then, I create an illustration digitally and print out a physical copy on-the-spot for them to take home.
I look forward to seeing you there!

See my art driving around San Francisco in this new collaboration with @Waymo. I have chosen to highlight what I love about the city through the lens of food. I am pleased to be able to give back through this project with a donation to @foodwise. Check out more about Waymo at and keep an eye out for my design on the streets of San Francisco!


October 8, 2022

Nigel creates complex isometric murals and illustrations. He can often be found painting pictures of giant cats or flying food. The detail is all done by hand and with a lighthearted sense of humor that keeps you looking, and smiling. Nigel has created art for a wide range of businesses and organizations, from large, innovative brands like Google, eBay and Adidas, and completed projects that include large scale murals to more traditional print projects for well-known publications. Bold, bright and complex, Nigel’s signature style uses isometric line-art and a striking but simple color palette, creating seek-and-find type illustrations that feature complex fantasy architecture and/or imaginary machines. This year, Nigel will be painting in Memphis, Tennessee from October 6—8, as part of the Paint Memphis Mural Festival.

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