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Architecture + The City Festival Poster




This illustration was commissioned by AIASF (American Institute of Architects San Francisco) for the 18th annual Architecture + The City Festival in San Francisco. Early in brainstorming process with the AIASF team, the idea of an illustration that could be displayed horizontally or vertically was proposed. This made me think of the classic red-blue 3D images that superimpose two similar images. Instead of combining the overlays to depict a single 3D image, I tried using the layers to show two completely different drawings. Not only did this allow for a bold, dense, versatile, and eye-catching image, but it also fit really well, conceptually, with the overarching neo-futurism theme for this years festival.

The final image was printed as limited edition posters, used in print and digital advertising, and used on banners, bags, buttons, and stickers. I even animated a few pieces of the image as gifs. The image was hand-drawn digitally using Photoshop and computer/stylus.

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