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Arup Architecture Murals



2016 - 2018

This series of murals started with a painting on the wall near the lobby area in the offices of Arup in downtown San Francisco. I was then commissioned to paint a version in the Los Angeles and Boston offices, and then a re-imagined version in San Francisco after the office got remodeled two years later. The painting the paintings were all done with acrylic paint markers and range from 20' - 40' in length.
Originally, I was hired by Arup to help commemorate the engineering and planning firm’s 30th anniversary in San Francisco, and had previously helped them with a piece depicting iconic projects over the 70 year history of the firm. The mural depicts most of the major engineering projects that the San Francisco Arup office has consulted on in some capacity in chronological order of those commissions. The subsequent murals highlighted different engineering projects relevant to the respective offices.

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