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Bizerkeley Mural




This mural was painted on a temporary facade protecting the new storefronts of the historic Chandler Building while they are under construction on the corner of Telegraph Avenue and Dwight way in Berkeley, California. The mural wraps around two sides of the building for a total length of over 156 feet. The subject matter is an isometric town with various objects that can be found at the businesses in the Telegraph Avenue area. There is a record player shown (Amoeba and Rasputin are on this street) and the record cover is a call back to one of my "Welcome To Telegraph" murals which is on a building directly across the street. The mural extends to and second section in a different blue palette that is an homage to hot beverages, and reads "Good Morning Berkeley!". I did a rough sample illustration for the client to define style and palette, but then improvised the entire painting with no guides, projectors, or pencils . Was painted by hand with brushes and house paint over the course of 5 days.

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