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Boichik Bagel Factory Mural




Custom painting that covers the façade of the Boichik Berkeley Bagel Factory at 1225 6th St, Berkeley, CA. The mural is runs the entire 170ft long face of the building and wraps onto the South and a little bit onto the North sides of the building for a total mural size of about 15’ x 200’ of wall surface. Mural was hand-paint based and depicts a fantastical bagel factory inspired by the delicious production inside the building. Painting is done as a isometric freestyle-painting using an on-brand limited palette of light-blue and white line on a dark-blue background. The painting was done over the course of 9 non-consecutive days between April 11th and 26th. I also hand-painted the Boichik delivery truck with bagels and signage.

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