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Emeryville Treasure Map




This giant public art mural was made possible by a public art grant funded by the City of Emeryville, CA.
Custom art mural and relief sculpture are on the northern facing exterior wall of the building at 1451 Sherwin Street in Emeryville, CA. The wall is at the corner of Sherwin St and Horton St and runs approximately 74.5ft and 28ft high. Near the corner, we mounted of a 16’x11’ cutout ‘sculpture' directly to the building, overlapping the mural.
Everything was hand-painted on-site using commercial-grade acrylic house paints and brushes over the course of approximately 15 days between November 15th and Dec 4th, 2021.

Trying to capture the essence of a location in a piece of art is something I do with my site-specific work, and this piece is a perfect example. Combining the idea of a map with relevant local iconography in a bold and approachable graphic style represents the City of Emeryville's diversity and personality. The heroes of the painting are the local shorebirds, but other elements include the Emeryville Arts Center, City Hall, the Bay Bridge, Emeryville Marina, Bay Trail, Pixar Studios, The Emeryville Shellmound, local flora, the I-80 freeway, the local culinary scene, shopping, biking, shipping, railway, and more.

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