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Mezzo Mural




This mural was painted on a temporary facade protecting the new storefronts are under construction on the corner of Telegraph Ave. And Haste St. in Berkeley, California. The mural wrapped around two sides of the building and was approximately 150 feet long by 10 feet high. This bold, isometric line-art city was loosely inspired by the city of Berkeley, but is mostly a fantasy land with giant salads and sandwiches (foreshadowing of the restaurant to come) scattered all through town. A sample illustration was approved by the client and then used it as the basis of the final painting, which I painted by hand with brushes and house paint over the course of three and a half days.

The building has since been completed and now sections of the mural are permanent decoration on the back wall of the restaurant and bar that now share the space; Mezzo, and Raleigh's Pub.

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