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Robinhood Cats Palo Alto Murals




This epic mural of Robinhood cats spanned multiple walls at the offices of Robinhood Financial in Palo Alto, California. This office location no longer exists, and has been abandoned for new location that I have also had the honor of painting! The main section of the mural was 69ft x 10ft with an additional three walls that were each approximately 12ft x 18ft. The concept for this original wall came after quickly brainstorming with the founders about subject matter, combining imagery from the company’s name and the team’s love of cats. I did an illustration to scale and then translated it onto the wall in five long days of painting for the main wall and an additional four for the other walls. Everything was painted using commercial-grade exterior house paint and plenty of cat puns. Music in the time-lapse, making-of video by San Francisco funk band, Hot Nine.

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