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Urban Garden Mural




This mural was painted in Sather Lane, a public passageway running between a business complex across the street from the UC Berkeley campus in Berkeley, California. The painting is approximately 120ft x 14ft and currently runs the entire length of the Northern end of the alley. The painting was completed in three sessions, months apart. The final section connected the two murals by adding a mural painting in the same theme for Tammy's Chicken in Waffles, which opened in the underground commercial space.

The “Urban Garden” concept was created to give a fresh, inviting and bright feel to the previously drab walkway, and the garden gives a nod to the local, green, organic lifestyle popular in Berkeley. The vegetables are not only food, but have doors and windows with ramps, ladders, and stairways connecting them. Though whimsical and fun, the theme also contains commentary on the importance of of sustainability, organic living, and plentiful affordable housing for all. The illustration was first created to scale and then used it as the basis of the final painting, which I painted by hand with brushes and house paint. Each section took about 4 days to complete.

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