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Welcome to Telegraph Murals




This mural installation was commissioned by Telegraph Business Improvement District (TBID) on behalf of building owners to beautify the public lobby area of the Channing-Telegraph Garrage Mall in Berkeley, California. There are two portions to the installation, the wall mural, and the painted ceiling pipes. The Painted wall pipes and "Welcome to Telegraph" text lead the eye up the wall to the colorful painted pipes that run almost the entire length of the hallway. Originally, I was approached the client with idea of adding color to the pipes, and devised the color scheme, and wall mural extension onto the bathroom area of the room. The ceiling was painted with high-gloss house paint, and brushes on a scissor-lift over the course of six days, and the wall mural was painted a couple months later. I even painted fun patterns on the trash cans! It all works together as a public art piece that tries to make the drab garage passageway more pleasant and inviting.

There is a second mural just two blocks south the garage off of Telegraph Avenue. In 2017, TBID connected me with the building owners, who commissioned a "Welcome To Telegraph" on Dwight st. near the corner of Telegraph Avenue. the mural depicts a stylized record sleeve with the text "Welcome to Telegraph, Berkeley". It is a permanent mural that welcomes visitors as they approach the Telegraph Business District from the South.

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