Waldos' Special Ale Poster

Client: Lagunitas Brewing Company, 2017

This illustration was created to be used for a poster for the 2017 release of Lagunitas Brewing Company’sWaldos’ Special Ale. The beer was released on 4/20 at special events all around the country. Posters (12"x18") were printed and given away, and the art was also used in social media and website marketing. This beer is an annual special collaboration between the “Waldos”, who are a group of 5 guys from San Rafael who originated the term “420” as slang for using cannabis, and he owner of Lagunitas Brewery. This poster combines references of beer brewing, cannabis culture, all in a “Where’s Waldo” style seek-and-find illustration. The image was hand-drawn digitally using Photoshop and computer/stylus. I also did the the poster for Lagunitas in 2016 as well.